How to use local images in flutter

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You can use local images in Flutter by using the AssetImage class. To use AssetImage, you’ll need to first add the image to your Flutter project’s assets. To do this, create an assets directory in the root of your project and add your image files to this directory.

Once you’ve added your images to the assets directory, you need to specify the assets in your pubspec.yaml file. Here’s an example:

    - assets/

With the assets specified in your pubspec.yaml file, you can now use AssetImage in your widgets to display the image. Here’s an example:

  image: AssetImage("assets/your_image.png"),

Note that the path to the image in AssetImage should match the path specified in your pubspec.yaml file. If you have multiple images, you can add them all to the assets directory and specify them in your pubspec.yaml file, and then use the AssetImage class to display each image.

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