How To Override the “Back” button in Flutter?

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You can override the behavior of the “Back” button in Flutter by using the WillPopScope widget. The WillPopScope widget allows you to intercept the back button press event and perform a custom action instead of the default action.

Here’s an example of how to override the “Back” button in Flutter:

  onWillPop: () async {
    // Perform your custom action here
    return false;
  child: Scaffold(
    // Your other widgets here

In this example, the WillPopScope widget is used to wrap the Scaffold widget. The onWillPop property is a callback function that is called when the back button is pressed. The function should return a Future that resolves to a boolean value indicating whether the back button press should be handled by the system (true) or by your custom code (false).

If you want to handle the back button press, return false from the onWillPop callback. If you want the system to handle the back button press as usual, return true.

Note that this example uses the Scaffold widget as the child of the WillPopScope widget, but you can use any widget that you need to override the “Back” button for.

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