Flutter: Expanded vs Flexible

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Expanded and Flexible are two widgets in Flutter that are used to control the layout and size of widgets within a parent widget.

Expanded is used when you want to occupy a portion of the remaining space in a parent widget. For example, if you have a Row widget with several children, and you want one of the children to take up all of the remaining space, you would wrap that child in an Expanded widget. When using Expanded, you can specify the flex parameter to control the proportion of the remaining space that the Expanded widget should take up. For example, if you have two Expanded widgets with flex values of 1 and 2 respectively, the second Expanded widget will take up twice as much of the remaining space as the first.

Flexible is similar to Expanded, but it also allows you to specify a maximum and minimum size for the widget. For example, you could use Flexible to wrap a widget that should take up a portion of the remaining space, but should never be smaller than a certain size, or larger than a certain size.

In general, Expanded is the simpler of the two widgets to use, but Flexible is more versatile. If you just need to occupy a portion of the remaining space and don’t have specific size constraints, use Expanded. If you have more specific size constraints, use Flexible.

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